SWVA Crew demonstrates Integrity

Faced with a challenging situation, crew chose the right way forward

It’s easy to say that doing the right thing is always better. It’s another thing to walk the talk. In the face of cost overruns, schedule delays and disappointed stakeholders, doing the right thing on a jobsite can seem like the hardest thing to do.

Earlier this year, one of our crews encountered 55-gallon barrels filled with an unknown substance within their excavation. They stopped work and asked for direction on how to proceed. They were not satisfied with the direction they received and continued to ask questions and press for a correct containment and disposal plan. Ultimately, work stopped and the barrels were investigated and disposed of properly.

“If this team took the easy route, it would have put Faulconer’s reputation on the line in a large way” says Project Executive James Kuhland. “Refusing to accept the easy route risked creating a difficult work environment in the effort to do what was right”

Jimmy Pannell, Jordan Wade, Joshua “Woody” Woods and Justin Sadler have all been awarded challenge coins for their actions in this situation. These men demonstrated all our company values (Legacy, Integrity, Teamwork & Excellence) and for that we thank them.