Building reliable infrastructure that stands the test of time.

Building reliable infrastructure that stands the test of time.

By the numbers

21,120 LF

chilled water pipe installed at Virginia Tech


miles of 24" waterline installed for James River Water Authority


in utility infrastructure projects completed since 2011

Exceeding infrastructure standards

Moving water is at the heart of well-functioning infrastructure. Whether it’s for drinking, storm water or sanitary systems management, water must be moved reliably and constantly to meet demands of our growing communities.

This requires utility infrastructure installation performed the right way, every time. Our teams have laid miles and miles of pipe to move water of all forms from one point to another. Underground utilities are everywhere – hidden in plain sight. The keep our society moving forward, day and night.

“With any utility project, our end goal is a safe, quality installation that seamlessly integrates into the community’s infrastructure, improving lives while disrupting no one in the process.”

Travis Blevins
Superintendent, Salem


Domestic Water



Faulconer has provided domestic water solutions since our inception in 1946. Moving raw water from reservoirs and finished water for residential, agricultural and commercial use helps define our impact across the Mid-Atlantic.

Sanitary Sewer



Moving sanitary water out is as important to moving clean water in. Our teams have experience at all stages of the downstream water use cycle, including pump stations, force mains and everything in between.

Heating & Cooling



Hot & Chilled water lines keep buildings liveable by powering central heating and cooling systems, both in new construction and renovations to legacy systems in urban and university environments. Our installations protect these resources and provide reliable service for decades to come.

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